Invited Symposium

New technological and methodological developments are changing the ways in which researchers study emotional processes. Novel approaches open up opportunities to examine rich, complex data, and bring us closer to understanding how emotions occur in real life. In this invited symposium, three young researchers will spotlight new tools available to emotion researchers and show how they can inform the study of emotion. Christian Mumenthaler (University of Geneva) will demonstrate how Twitter can be used to examine affective responses to important real-world issues like climate change. Yasemin Erbas (KU Leuven) will showcase how experience sampling methods can be used to track the dynamics of emotions in day-to-day life. Jens Lange (University of Amsterdam) will discuss how network models can inform and test models of emotions. Together these talks will point to ways in which we can expand our methodological toolkits to mapping human emotions in the 21st century.