Affective Computing

Pre-Conference at ISRE, 10th July 2019


Joost Broekens, Leiden University (NL)

Jonathan Gratch, University of Southern California (USA)
Dirk Heylen, Twente University (NL)


The Affective Computing Pre-Conference will feature state-of-the-science research on computational techniques for understanding, recognizing and shaping human emotion, and emphasize ways to strengthen interdisciplinary connections between the computational and human sciences of emotion. Invited speakers will discuss the latest research on computational methods inspired by the affective sciences, as well as on how such methods can transform research in affective science. In addition we will be accepting abstract submissions for Poster and “Flash Talk” presentations (instructions below).

Embedding and previous conferences

This pre-conference fits in the ACII series of conferences, this year in Cambridge in September. The pre-conference also follows up on the 2017 pre-conference held in Boston at SAS. With this presence at ISRE we reinforce the increasing interest in the interdisciplinary study of emotion in which computational modelling as well as computational analysis play an important role.

Abstract Submissions

We will be accepting abstract submissions for Poster and “Flash Talk” presentations.

Presentations should address topics in affective computing, broadly defined, i.e. emotion recognition, emotion modeling, emotion expression in technological artifacts, and, human (affective) responses to (affective) technology. Anyone is welcome to submit but only a subset of the submissions can be accommodated. To be considered, please email Joost Broekens ( an extended abstract (maximum 2 pages, including bibliography) that outlines goals of the research, methods used and a summary of the results. Position and/or “blue sky idea” extended abstract are also welcome but need to make the argument in a clear and concise way in the extended abstract.

Please title your email “AFFECTIVE COMPUTING PRE-CONFERENCE” (verbatim!) and indicate in your proposal if you are aiming for a Flash Talk or for a poster presentation, and whether you would like your Flash Talk proposal to be considered for a poster presentation if it is not selected for oral presentation. If you present experimental results of any kind, the data must be collected prior to submission. The deadline for submissions is 10-may-2019. Submissions can span career status from faculty to graduate students.

Invited speakers

We are proud to announce our invited speakers including:
Rosalind Picard (MIT, USA)

Mohamed Chetouani (Sorbonne, FR)

Catherine Pelachaud (CNRS – ISIR / Sorbonne University, FR)
Rainer Reisenzein (U. Greifswald, DE)

Lola Cañamero (U. Hertfordshire, UK)

Stacy Marsella (U. Glasgow, UK)

Jeff Cohn (U. Pittsburgh / CMU, USA)

Michel Valstar (U. Nottingham, UK)

Eva Hudlicka (Psychometrix / UMass, USA)

Arvid Kappas (Jacobs U., DE)
Ana Paiva (GAIPS/INESC-ID, Portugal)