Poster session 1

July 11th Main hall

1 Pride, Perceived Discrimination, Depression, and Ethnic Identity Among Afro-Latinx Adults

Tiffany L. Huseman, Faith Logan, Shawn M. Garis, Andrew Guzman & Diana P.F. Montague

3 Parental emotion-related discourse patterns and child behavior problems in early childhood: A person-centered approach

Erika Hernandez, Cynthia L. Smith, Kimberly L. Day, Amy Neal & Julie C. Dunsmore

13 Social networks, stress and communication in older adults

Jasmine Rollings, Jerome Micheletta, Darren van Laar & Bridget Waller

14 Cross-Cultural Studies on Personal Experience of Sadness

Itziar Fernández, Pilar Carrera, Amparo Caballero & Dolores Muñoz

15 Women are always warm? The role of restrictive emotion in gender role conflict

Laura Villanueva-Moya & Francisca Expósito Jiménez

19 Clarifying the role of empathy in professional communication

Melissa Fuller, Elanor Kamans, Mark van Vuuren, Marca Wolfensberger & Menno de Jong

20 Vicarious emotions and behaviors of support and participation to the victims

Dolores Muñoz Caceres, Itziar Fernandez Sedano, Amparo Caballero Gonzalez & Pilar Carrera Levillain

21 Effects of cardiac biofeedback on decision making in stroke patients

Séphora Minjoz, Sonia Pellissier, Mélody Mailliez, Thierry Bollon, Elena Ottaviani, Valérian Phalempin & Pascal Hot

23 Emotions and school motivation

Barbara Sini, Susanna Schmidt, Irene Mammarella, Enrica Donolato & Carla Tinti

24 Race, Multiple Identities, and Complex Emotions

Cerenity E. Collins & Dawn T. Robinson

25 Predicting Emotional Responses to Experienced Racism

Malissa Alinor, Cerenity Collins & Dawn Robinson

26 Interpersonal dynamics of emotion regulation in somatic symptom disorders

Emine Okur Güney, Heribert Sattel, Daniela Cardone, Arcangelo Merla, Michael Witthöft & Peter Henningsen

27 Emotion regulation and mixed feelings in a population of various Body Mass Indexes

Jeanne Richard, Catherine Audrin, David Sander & Géraldine Coppin

28 The role of habitual and goal-directed processes in instrumental learning with aversive outcomes

Eike Kofi Buabang, Tom Smeets, Jan De Houwer, Oliver T. Wolf, Yannick Boddez & Agnes Moors

32 Translation and psychometric evaluation of the Regulation Emotion Systems Survey - Italian version

Anna Maria Meneghini, Daiana Colledani, Gaia Carbon, Kalee De France & Tom Hollenstein

33 Data Knows You: Detecting Periodic Stress via Social Network

Liang Zhao, Qi Li, Feng Yu & Ling Feng

38 Multidimensional stress prevention program's effects on mood, affective states and emotion regulation among university students

Romina Evelyn Recabarren, Claudie Gaillard, Matthias Guillod & Chantal Martin Sölch

39 The factorial structure of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire in Greek

Maria Markou, Myria Ioannou, Stephanie Stephanou & Panayiotis Stavrinides

40 Hate as a Distinct Emotion

Ashley Goodvin, Ira Roseman & Amanda Steele

41 How to assess the frequency and efficacy of emotion regulation techniques? Validation of the ANPERT

Stéphanie Haymoz, Philippe Genoud, Chantal Martin Soelch & Michaël Reicherts

42 Item Response Theory Analysis of the Social-Emotional Expertise Scale

Madison Hooper, Pietra Bruni, Marcus Wild & Jo-Anne Bachorowski

44 Emotions and Coping Strategies during Breast Cancer in Latina Women

Anabel Castillo, Jennifer Mendiola & Jitske Tiemensma

46 Priming pride promotes delay of gratification

Einav Shimoni, Andrea Berger & Tal Eyal

47 Do punsters deserve the ill will and disrespect that can come their way?

Richard Smith, Charles Hoogland, Edward Brown & Sung Hee Kim

48 Is Interpersonal Dislike a Discrete Emotion?

Amanda Steele, Ira Roseman & Ashley Goodvin

50 JDM: Uncertainty, prediction and forecasting error

Athanasios Polyportis & Flora Kokkinaki

52 Trust with Advisors Predicts Ph.D. Students’ Burnout via Everyday Confidence and Anxiety

Danfei Hu, Hyun Joon Park, Peter Ruberton & Jonathan Cook

56 Neural correlates of individual differences in emotion recognition ability – an fMRI study

Petri Laukka, Kristoffer N. T. Månsson, Diana S. Cortes, Amirhossein Manzouri & Håkan Fischer

57 Male happiness is detected most quickly

Patricia Wilson & Kelsey Feret

59 The Social Sharing of Emotions with an Emotion Awareness Tool during a Computer-Supported Collaborative Task

Mattia Alexandre Fritz, Stéphanie Perrier & Mireille Bétrancourt

61 Sex differences in and associations between stress response systems after social-evaluative threat

Eefje S. Poppelaars, Johannes Klackl, Belinda Pletzer, Frank H. Wilhelm & Eva Jonas

65 Comparing Appraisal Style Across US and Chinese College Samples

Leslie Kirby, Weiqiang Qian & Craig Smith

67 Functional Brain Correlates of Emotional and Social Memory

Daphne Stam, Yun-An Huang & Jan Van den Stock

69 Different effects of emotional intelligence and dispositional mindfulness on children's affectivity

Jose M Mestre, Jorge Turanzas, Maria Gomez, Joan Guerra & Robin Kurilla

70 Is it the behavior or the thought? Investigating mechanisms of change in a partial-hospitalized setting

Myria Ioannou, Ivar Snorrason, Courtney Beard & Throstur Björgvinsson

71 Dissatisfaction and Revenge as Motivations of Infidelity in Adolescence: Shame and Hostility as Associated Correlates

María Dolores Sánchez-Hernández, Ana M. Beltrán-Morillas, María Alonso-Ferres, Laura Villanueva-Moya, Marta Garrido-Macías & Francisca Expósito

77 The effectiveness of a dynamic multimodal emotion recognition accuracy training program

Lillian Döllinger, Lennart Högman, Tanja Bänziger, Petri Laukka, Irena Makower, Håkan Fischer & Stephan Hau

78 Do disgust condition food desirability more than fear?

Cagla Cinar, Joshua M. Tybur & Paola Perone

81 I’m Here For You: The Effects of Consoling Touch on Negative Emotional Experiences

Razia Sahi, Macrina Cooper-White, Matthew Lieberman & Naomi Eisenberger

83 Was that intentional? Infants use emotional communication to infer and re-enact others’ intended actions

Tyrone Johnson, Katey Workman, Peter Reschke, Eric Walle & Daniel Dukes

88 The Interplay between Positive Shared Emotions and Collaborative Processes in Group Problem Solving

Sunny Avry, Gaëlle Molinari, Guillaume Chanel & Mireille Bétrancourt

90 The impact of emotional characteristics of words on interference control in Emotional Stroop Task

Kamil Imbir, Maciej Pastwa, Gabriela Jurkiewicz, Joanna Duda-Goławska & Jarosław Żygierewicz