Poster session 1

July 11th Main hall

Parental emotion-related discourse patterns and child behavior problems in early childhood: A person-centered approach 

Erika Hernandez, Cynthia L. Smith, Kimberly L. Day, Amy Neal & Julie C. Dunsmore

Emotion socialization among Chilean Mapuche and non-Mapuche parents and educators: The value of respect 

Enrique Riquelme, Dejah Oertwig & Amy Halberstadt

Parents’ socialization of ego-focused and other-focused emotions and children’s social competence in Chinese families 

Danhua Zhu, Zhuo Rachel Han & Julie C. Dunsmore

Young Children’s Self-Regulation and Emotion Knowledge: Evidence from the Adaptive Test of Emotion Knowledge 

Katharina Voltmer & Maria von Salisch

Examining Departures from Consensus among Gendered Affective Meanings in the US, Egypt and Morocco 

Kelsey Mattingly

The Ceiling Effect of the Empowerment Experience 

Andreas Schneider

Comparing Methods and Affective Predictions from Affect Control Theory and the Stereotype Content Model 

Trenton Mize

Emotional Contagion in Status Hierarchies 

Kayla Pierce

A Comparative Study of Social Identity among Korea, Japan and China: Focusing on the 

Myoung-Jin Lee

“Nothing to worry about”: Emotion Work, Contraceptive Responsibility, and Pregnancy Prevention among University Students 

Abigail Nawrocki, Christie Sennott & Laurie James-Hawkins

Safe Rebellious Places: Countering Emotional Silencing in Schools Through Informal Student Groups 

Katherine Clonan-Roy, Nora Gross & Charlotte Jacobs

Identity and Emotion in the context of Assistive Technology for Patients with Dementia 

Alexandra König, Linda E. Francis & Jesse Hoey

How is Disgust Sensitivity Related to Physical Health? 

Alexander Skolnick, Cecelia Rubertone & Emily Vance

A conjoint model of the relationships between the cognitive and the subjective components of emotions 

Florian Loeser, Pascal Pizelle & Anna Tcherkassof

Global WarNing: Fear, Climate Change, and International Human Rights Law 

Anne Saab

Executive function as a prediction of academic performance 

Tatiana Pryakhina

Social networks, stress and communication in older adults 

Jasmine Rollings, Jerome Micheletta, Darren van Laar & Bridget Waller

Cross-Cultural Studies on Personal Experience of Sadness 

Itziar Fernández, Pilar Carrera, Amparo Caballero & Dolores Muñoz

Testing abstraction level in affective and cognitive attitudes 


Women are always warmth? The role of restrictive emotion in gender role conflict 

Laura Villanueva-Moya & Francisca Expósito Jiménez

The Relationship between Emotion and Religion: A review of quantitative and experimental studies 

Adriano da silva Costa & Wellington Zangari

Social-Emotional Expertise: Interoceptive Awareness & Person Perception 

Pietra T. Bruni & Jo-Anne Bachorowski

Interpersonal emotion regulation contagion: reappraisal and distraction influences reappraisal and distraction of others 

Ryota Kobayashi, Ken’ichiro Nakashima, Makoto Miyatani & Takashi Nakao

Clarifying the role of empathy in professional communication 

Melissa Fuller, Elanor Kamans, Mark van Vuuren, Marca Wolfensberger & Menno de Jong

Vicarious emotions and behaviors of support and participation to the victims 

Dolores Muñoz Caceres, Itziar Fernandez Sedano, Amparo Caballero Gonzalez & Pilar Carrera Levillain

Effects of cardiac biofeedback on decision making in stroke patients 

Séphora Minjoz, Sonia Pellissier, Mélody Mailliez, Thierry Bollon, Elena Ottaviani, Valérian Phalempin & Pascal Hot

Assessing Empathy over Time – When Viewers Consciously and Physiologically Share the Feelings of Characters 

Freya Sukalla

Emotions and school motivation 

Barbara Sini, Susanna Schmidt, Irene Mammarella, Enrica Donolato & Carla Tinti

Race, Multiple Identities, and Complex Emotions 

Cerenity E. Collins & Dawn T. Robinson

Predicting Emotional Responses to Experienced Racism 

Malissa Alinor, Cerenity Collins & Dawn Robinson

Interpersonal dynamics of emotion regulation in somatic symptom disorders 

Emine Okur Güney, Heribert Sattel, Daniela Cardone, Arcangelo Merla, Michael Witthöft & Peter Henningsen

Sex dolls: Moral implications of symbolic sexual taboos 

John Sabo, Caolite Ó Ciardha & Roger Giner-Sorolla

Emotion regulation and mixed feelings in a population of various Body Mass Indexes 

Jeanne Richard, Catherine Audrin, David Sander & Géraldine Coppin

The role of habitual and goal-directed processes in instrumental learning with aversive outcomes 

Eike Kofi Buabang, Tom Smeets, Jan De Houwer, Oliver T. Wolf, Yannick Boddez & Agnes Moors

Dispositional Compassion Reflects Differences in Social Utility 

Joseph Ocampo & Dacher Keltner

Can the Appraisal Tendency Framework explain differential effect of positive emotions on sequential decision making? 

Thierry Bollon, Mélody Mailliez & Pascal Hot

Emotion generation and differentiation – An evidence accumulation modeling approach 

Ayelet Itzhak Raz & Nachshon Meiran

Applying theory of planned behavior and anticipatory emotions to examine adjuvant endocrine therapy adherence intentions 

Pilar Carrera, Alejandra Hurtado de Mendoza, W.Gerrod Parrott, Sara Gómez-Trillos, Robert A. Perera & Vanessa B. Sheppard

Translation and psychometric evaluation of the Regulation Emotion Systems Survey - Italian version 

Anna Maria Meneghini, Daiana Colledani, Gaia Carbon, Kalee De France & Tom Hollenstein

Data Knows You: Detecting Periodic Stress via Social Network 

Liang Zhao, Qi Li, Feng Yu & Ling Feng

Alexithymia: the missing link between autism and anorexia? 

Laura Vuillier & Rachel Moseley

Is facial expression in response to gossip motivated by surprise or context? 

Bronagh Allison & Gary McKeown

Can two be better than one? Exploring the influence of multiple stressors on decision-making 

Paige Alenick & Yochi Cohen-Charash

Makeup Who You Are: Self-Expression Enhances Feelings of Authenticity When Effort is Put Toward Appearance 

Rosanna Smith, Michelle Van Dellen & Lan Anh Ton

Multidimensional stress prevention program effects on mood, affective states and emotion regulation among university students 

Romina Evelyn Recabarren, Claudie Gaillard, Matthias Guillod & Chantal Martin Sölch

The factorial structure of the Cognitive Emotion Regulation Questionnaire in Greek 

Maria Markou, Myria Ioannou, Stephanie Stephanou & Panayiotis Stavrinides

Hate as a Distinct Emotion 

Ashley Goodvin, Ira Roseman & Amanda Steele

Emotion Regulation Mediates Link between Big Five Traits and Hostility 

Lindsey Rodriguez, Hunter Drake, Jaclyn Dell & James Onufrak

How to assess the frequency and efficacy of emotion regulation techniques? Validation of the ANPERT 

Stéphanie Haymoz, Philippe Genoud, Chantal Martin Soelch & Michaël Reicherts

Item Response Theory Analysis of the Social-Emotional Expertise Scale 

Madison Hooper, Pietra Bruni, Marcus Wild & Jo-Anne Bachorowski

The perceived social power of expressers' of pride as a function of reactive emotions 

Moshe Goren, Shlomo Hareli & Ursula Hess

Emotions and Coping Strategies during Breast Cancer in Latina Women 

Anabel Castillo, Jennifer Mendiola & Jitske Tiemensma

Identifying Emotional Mediators that Link Experiences of Parental Hostility and Overindulgence to Engagement in Infidelity 

Leslie Gordon Simons & Ronald L. Simons

Priming pride promotes delay of gratification 

Einav Shimoni, Andrea Berger & Tal Eyal

Do punsters deserve the ill will and disrespect that can come their way? 

Richard Smith, Charles Hoogland, Edward Brown & Sung Hee Kim

Experiencing emotions in memories: third-person visual perspective as a strengthening of hubristic pride 

Zuzanna Molenda, Maja Czarnecka, Dorota Kobylińska & Marta Marchlewska

Is Interpersonal Dislike a Discrete Emotion? 

Amanda Steele, Ira Roseman & Ashley Goodvin

Compassion Fatigue, Emotional Regulation, and the Stress Process Model 

Richard Adams

JDM: Uncertainty, prediction and forecasting error 

Athanasios Polyportis & Flora Kokkinaki

Effect of interoceptive awareness on emotion regulation and implicit food craving in bulimic nervosa tendencies 

Minseung Kim & Jang-Han Lee

Trust with Advisors Predicts Ph.D. Students’ Burnout via Everyday Confidence and Anxiety 

Danfei Hu, Hyun Joon Park, Peter Ruberton & Jonathan Cook

Cognitive Inference of Emotion Faces when Processing Emotion Words and its Relation to Social-Emotional Expertise 

Marcus G. Wild, Hannah Pacheco & Jo-Anne Bachorowski

Functional Connectivity Associated with Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR): An Examination of Five Resting-State Networks 

Stephen Smith, Beverley Fredborg & Jennifer Kornelsen

Impact of emotion in virtual reality on sense of presence of children and young adults 

Lénaïc CADET & Hanna CHAINAY

Neural correlates of individual differences in emotion recognition ability – an fMRI study 

Petri Laukka, Kristoffer N. T. Månsson, Diana S. Cortes, Amirhossein Manzouri & Håkan Fischer

Male happiness is detected most quickly 

Patricia Wilson & Kelsey Feret

Facial Muscle Reponses and Participant Affective Ratings in Response to Social Interactions 

Marcus G. Wild & Jo-Anne Bachorowski

The Social Sharing of Emotions with an Emotion Awareness Tool during a Computer-Supported Collaborative Task 

Mattia Alexandre Fritz, Stéphanie Perrier & Mireille Bétrancourt

Pupil Mimicry and Trust-Implications for Depression 

Katharina Wehebrink, Katja Koelkebeck, Simon Piest, Carsten K.W. De Dreu & Mariska Kret

Prestimulus activation of right lingual gyrus leads to negative congruent perception during binocular rivalry 

Angel Anna Zacharia, Navdeep Ahuja, Simran Kaur & Ratna Sharma

Sex differences in and associations between stress response systems after social-evaluative threat 

Eefje S. Poppelaars, Johannes Klackl, Belinda Pletzer, Frank H. Wilhelm & Eva Jonas

What acoustic features predict listener behavior in a forced-choice vocal emotion recognition task? 

Henrik Nordström & Petri Laukka

The challenge of making this world a better place: Analyzing the chivalrous quality of Quixoteism 

Sergio Villar, Luis Oceja & Pilar Carrera

Nucleus accumbens activation to reward is negatively associated to maladaptive emotion regulation and depressive symptomatology 

Claudie Gaillard

Comparing Appraisal Style Across US and Chinese College Samples 

Leslie Kirby, Weiqiang Qian & Craig Smith

Designing Technology for Autism: Perspectives, Experiences and Expectations of Parents and Healthcare Professionals 

Lauren Gillies, Karri Gillespie-Smith, Naeem Ramzan & Jean Rankin

Functional Brain correlates of Emotional and Social Memory 

Daphne Stam, Yun-An Huang & Jan Van den Stock

Differentiating Multiple Appraisal Patterns Associated with Individual Negative Emotions 

Craig Smith, Weiqiang Qian & Leslie Kirby

Dynamic functional connectivity of the emotion-cognitive control integration 

Julian Gaviria, Patrik Vuilleumier & Dimitri Van de ville

Different effects of emotional intelligence and dispositional mindfulness on children's affectivity 

Jose M Mestre, Jorge Turanzas, Maria Gomez, Joan Guerra & Robin Kurilla

Is it the behavior or the thought? Investigating mechanisms of change in a partial-hospitalized setting 

Myria Ioannou, Ivar Snorrason, Courtney Beard & Throstur Björgvinsson

Dissatisfaction and Revenge as Motivations of Infidelity in Adolescence: Shame and Hostility as Associated Correlates 

María Dolores Sánchez-Hernández, Ana M. Beltrán-Morillas, María Alonso-Ferres, Laura Villanueva-Moya, Marta Garrido-Macías & Francisca Expósito

Cortical processing of music involves multi band bihemispheric activation of Prefrontal and Limbic cortices 

Vinay Chitturi, Nishi Pegwal, Simran Kaur & Ratna Sharma

Reasoning, Recommendations and Implications: Self-Transcendent Emotions with Marginalized Populations to Remedy Social Isolation and Loneliness 

Kelly L Ziemer

Demystifying the self-transcendent effects of awe by using a new VR-method 

Massimo Koester & Agnes Moors

The emotional consequences of social comparison on social media: Instagram popularity predicts hostile envious responses 

Jerica Braswell & Nicole Henniger

Do emotions could improve decision making about one’s own body? 

Morgane Metral & Mélody Mailliez

The effectiveness of a dynamic multimodal emotion recognition accuracy training program 

Lillian Döllinger, Lennart Högman, Tanja Bänziger, Petri Laukka, Irena Makower, Håkan Fischer & Stephan Hau

Do disgust condition food desirability more than fear? 

Cagla Cinar, Joshua M. Tybur & Paola Perone

Vulnerability and Adolescent Black American Males' Pro-Social Behaviors 

Johari Harris & Ann C. Kruger


Amanda DiVita & Diana Montague

Effect of negative emotions on central executive function : utilizing a social-exclusion manipulation paradigm 

Ritsuko Azami, Mariko Obana & Ritsuko Nishimura

I’m Here For You: The Effects of Consoling Touch on Negative Emotional Experiences 

Razia Sahi, Macrina Cooper-White, Matthew Lieberman & Naomi Eisenberger


Tiffany L. Huseman, Faith Logan, Shawn M. Garis, Andrew Guzman & Diana P.F. Montague

Identity and Emotion in Ambiguous Romantic Relationships 

Chelsea Kelly

Was that intentional? Infants use emotional communication to infer and re-enact others’ intended actions 

Tyrone Johnson, Katey Workman, Peter Reschke, Eric Walle & Daniel Dukes

Does jealousy produce positive as well as negative behaviors? 

Mingi Chung & Christine R. Harris

Conscious and Non-Conscious Affects: Distinct Effects on Feeling and Facial Expressions 

Nicolas Pillaud & François Ric

Emotion regulation and personal growth in Turkish female university students 

Duygu Dincer

A hybrid approach to experience sampling for studying emotions 

Long Doan

Examining influences on frowning at “Mark is furious”: Word-driven simulation, morality-based evaluation, and minimal-group membership 

Björn 't Hart, Marijn Struiksma, Anton van Boxtel & Jos van Berkum

The Interplay between Positive Shared Emotions and Collaborative Processes in Group Problem Solving 

Sunny Avry, Gaëlle Molinari, Guillaume Chanel & Mireille Bétrancourt

The relationship between savouring beliefs and psychological wellbeing in adults with and without autism 

Ru Ying Cai, Amanda Richdale & Mirko Uljarević

The Role of Early-Life Economic Disadvantage in the Appraisal of Coping Potential 

Olga Poluektova & Arvid Kappas

Conceptualizing Online Emotions as Emotives: A case study of #womenwhofarm on Instagram 

Jennifer Sonne

The impact of emotional characteristics of words on interference control in Emotional Stroop Task 

Kamil Imbir, Maciej Pastwa, Gabriela Jurkiewicz, Joanna Duda-Goławska & Jarosław Żygierewicz

The focusing illusion and the happiness of mothers: Comparing different family status choices 

Adi Luria & Lior Nadler