Poster session 2

July 12th Main hall

1 Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Social Functioning

Felicia Zerwas, Iris B. Mauss & Oliver P. John

5 A license to kill your diet: Emotions as a justification for self-regulation failure

Catharine Evers, Jessie de Witt Huberts & Denise de Ridder

6 Interactions between emotions and decision-making in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia

Aurélie L. Manuel, Fiona Kumfor, John H. Hodges & Olivier Piguet

7 Social behavior in the course of dementia: a systematic video analysis of non-scripted conversations

Mandy Visser, Deborah Parker, Simone Simonetti, James Burrell, John Hodges & Fiona Kumfor

8 Preserved behavioural performance and global network characteristics in the emotion network following anterior temporal lobectomy

Yun-An Huang, Patrick Dupont, Laura Van De Vliet, Jan Jastorff, Tom Theys, Johan van Loon, Wim Van Paesschen, Mathieu Vandenbulcke & Jan Van den Stock

9 Cortical and subcortical contributions to facial expressivity and arousal: Evidence from frontotemporal dementia

Fiona Kumfor, Jessica L Hazelton, Jacqueline A Rushby, John R Hodges & Olivier Piguet

14 Emotional responses to sexual violence: influence of previous sexual experiences, severity and gender

Marta Garrido-Macías, Inmaculada Valor-Segura & Francisca Expósito

17 The role of audio-visual features in emotional and empathic responses to movies

Katalin Balint, Yunting Huang, Mattia Savardi & Sergio Benini

18 Increased dorsomedial prefrontal cortex activity to negative emotion displays in men but not in women

Diana S. Cortes, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Amirhossein Manzouri, Petri Laukka, Natalie Ebner & Håkan Fischer

24 Not to my kin: Anger, disgust and aggression as responses to sibling versus stranger harm

Karie Moorman, Lukas Lopez, Sara Schneider, Melissa Baker & Colin Holbrook

25 Data-driven approach reveals universal patterns in colour-emotion associations across 30 nations

Domicele Jonauskaite, Nele Dael, Ahmad Abu-Akel, Daniel Oberfeld, Jörg Wicker, Lausanne International Colour Survey & Christine Mohr

26 The Prosocial Effects of Moral Elevation in Childhood

Shazza Ali, Dominic Abrams & Julie Van de Vyver

28 Emotion regulation repertoire: a multilevel latent profile analysis

Gloria Grommisch, Peter Koval & Tanja Lischetzke

32 Shared Environment Effects on Children's Emotion Recognition

Rotem Schapira, Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Meirav Amichay-Setter, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler & Ariel Knafo-Noam

33 Time to take enthusiasm seriously!

Rijn Vogelaar, Wilco van Dijk & Eric van Dijk

34 Neural and behavioral trajectories of associative learning

Louisa Kulke, Alex Lepauvre & Annekathrin Schacht

35 Fast periodic visual stimulation EEG reveals lower neural sensitivity to expressive faces in ASD

Stephanie Van der Donck, Sofie Vettori, Milena Dzhelyova, Jean Steyaert, Bruno Rossion & Bart Boets

37 Connecting autonomic physiology to emotion regulation: The perspective of a dynamic approach

Roman Rutka, Vaida Verhoef, Sonia Pellissier & Pascal Hot

38 Updating of Emotional Stimuli in Working Memory: the Role of Mood and Emotion Regulation

Abdul-Raheem Mohammed, Ekaterina Suchkova & Dmitry Lyusin

39 Estimation of cortical sources during emotional processing: EEG study

Nishi Pegwal, Rajkumar Yadav & Ratna Sharma

41 Affective lexical content in EFL textbooks

María Jesús Sánchez, Alfredo Fernández-Sánchez & Elisa Pérez-García

44 Finding Resentment: A Qualitative Exploration

Anki (Ann-christine) Wikman & Roger Giner-Sorolla

45 Virtual Training in Interaction based on Affective Memory among Elders with Dementia

Linda Francis, Kathryn Lively, Julie Robillard & Jesse Hoey

49 How cognitive, social, and emotional profiles impact humor appreciation: Sense of humor in Williams syndrome

Noémie Treichel, Daniel Dukes, Koviljka Barisnikov, Julie Heiz & Andrea C. Samson

50 Internal and External Causal Attributions in the Subjective Representation of Happiness

Igor Sotgiu, Davide Marengo, Erika Morandi & Maria Grazia Monaci

51 Multimodal Analysis of Impressions for a More Engaging Virtual Agent

Chen Wang, Phil Lopes, Thierry Pun & Guillaume Chanel

53 Theoretical Review of Narrative Language-based Interventions and Their Possible Effect on Emotional Intelligence

Yasaman Ghafaryan Shirazi, Kirsi Peltonen, Mohammad Malekzadeh & Hamidreza Ghafaryan Shirazi

55 Selection of EEG Channels for Valence and Arousal Identification Using LARS

Yoshito Tobe, Katsuhiro Mori, Koichi Shimoda, Yu Nakayama, Michael Hofenbrock, Till Riedel & Michael Beigl

58 Heroes Against Homophobia: Does Moral Elevation Uniquely Block Homophobia by Inhibiting Disgust?

Sebastian Eric Bartos, Peter Hegarty & Pascale Sophie Russell

60 The Ideal and Actual Coping Responses of College School Teachers on Job-Related Stress

Zaralyn Bernardo, Dante Boac & Annabelle Del Rosario

63 How situational cues, ‘autistic-like-traits,’ and Autism Spectrum Disorder affect emotion recognition

Dale Metcalfe, Karen McKenzie, Rachel Martin, Kristofor McCarty & Thomas Pollet

64 Ten Emotions - Ten Films

Anke Zeissig

67 Understanding Differences between Malaysian Malays with and without Major Depressive Disorder in Subjective Experience

Sindhu Nair, Firdaus Mukhtar, Laura Jobson, Ruziana Masiran, Hairul Anuar Hashim & Indra Selvarajah

72 Preference and Perception of Interpersonal Distance in Social Anxiety

Nur Givon-Benjio, Hadas Okon-Singer & Idan Aderka

73 The role of emotion in organ donation registration: State guilt increases prosocial intentions

Nicole E. Henniger, Danielle R. Blazek & Mackenzie R. Goodwin

74 The influence of social context on facial muscle activity in response to food stimuli

Elizabeth Nath, Peter Robert Cannon & Michael Carl Philipp

75 What features construct sadness prototype for Japanese?

Mariko Shirai & Masato Nagamine

77 Emotion transfer in difficult interactions with patients and its association with health-care providers’ well-being

Sonja Weilenmann, Ulrich Schnyder, Brian Parkinson, Nina Keller, Claudio Corda, Roland von Känel & Monique Pfaltz

80 For some people suppression works better! Personality and the effectiveness of emotion regulation strategies

Dorota Kobylińska, Marcin Zajenkowski, Karol Lewczuk, Konrad Jankowski, Marta Marchlewska & Maria Wasylkowska

84 Shame-related outcomes are grounded in social relational situations

Ilker Dalgar, Hans IJzerman & Nebi Sümer

86 How do people choose to regulate other’s emotions?

Meghann Matthews, Thomas L. Webb & Gal Sheppes

87 Infidelity and Revenge: Is Shame a Trigger Emotion in Women with Dependency to the Partner?

Ana María Beltrán-Morillas, Inmaculada Valor-Segura & Francisca Expósito

92 Emotion Manipulation Through Music

Annaliese Micallef Grimaud