Poster session 2

July 12th Main hall

Interpersonal Emotion Regulation and Social Functioning 

Felicia Zerwas, Iris B. Mauss & Oliver P. John


Cristian Vasquez & Hector Madrid

Who is the leader? The Regulation of Other’s Emotion and Emergent Leadership 

Arik Cheshin, Gil Luria & Sagi Goldberger

A Two-Hour Emotion Regulation Workshop in Early Adolescents with Obesity: A Feasibility Study 

Elisa Boelens, Taaike Debeuf, Brenda Volkaert, Sandra Verbeken & Caroline Braet

Stress and (un)healthy food behavior: the moderating role of emotional eating; diary study 

Taaike Debeuf, Sandra Verbeken, Marie-Lotte Van Beveren, Nathalie Michels & Caroline Braet

Bored out of my mind – and into the fridge 

Chantal Nederkoorn, Linda Vancleef & Remco Havermans

Does emotional eating really exist? A laboratory study using idiosyncratic mood induction suggests yes 

Rebekka Schnepper, Claudio Georgii & Jens Blechert

A license to kill your diet: Emotions as a justification for self-regulation failure 

Catharine Evers, Jessie de Witt Huberts & Denise de Ridder

Interactions between emotions and decision-making in behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia 

Aurélie L. Manuel, Fiona Kumfor, John H. Hodges & Olivier Piguet

Social behavior in the course of dementia: a systematic video analysis of non-scripted conversations 

Mandy Visser, Deborah Parker, Simone Simonetti, James Burrell, John Hodges & Fiona Kumfor

Preserved behavioural performance and global network characteristics in the emotion network following anterior temporal lobectomy 

Yun-An Huang, Patrick Dupont, Laura Van De Vliet, Jan Jastorff, Tom Theys, Johan van Loon, Wim Van Paesschen, Mathieu Vandenbulcke & Jan Van den Stock

Cortical and subcortical contributions to facial expressivity and arousal: Evidence from frontotemporal dementia 

Fiona Kumfor, Jessica L Hazelton, Jacqueline A Rushby, John R Hodges & Olivier Piguet

Measuring social and emotional vulnerabilities with a video game 

Isabela Granic

Emotion language in naturalistic smart phone usage: Associations with Intensive ESM assessment and social context 

Nicholas Allen

Associations between disengagement use and well-being: when and for whom? 

Kalee De France & Gary Evans

Relating Objective Social Media Behaviour to Event-Based Assessments of Emotions and Well-Being 

Nastasia Griffioen, Marieke van Rooij, Anna Lichtwarck-Aschoff & Isabela Granic

Taking Emotional Support to the Text Level: Digital and In-person Support and Successful Emotion Regulation 

Tom Hollenstein

A Media Theory on the Performances of Emotions as Functions in Interaction, Organization, and Society 

Robin Kurilla

Emotional responses to sexual violence: influence of previous sexual experiences, severity and gender 

Marta Garrido-Macías, Inmaculada Valor-Segura & Francisca Expósito

European Medieval Passion Plays as Opulent Sources for Emotion Research 

Ivan Missoni

Imagining the Hangover: The Role of Anticipated Regret in Avoiding Binge Drinking 

Erika Koch

The role of audio-visual features in emotional and empathic responses to movies 

Katalin Balint, Yunting Huang, Mattia Savardi & Sergio Benini

Positivity effect in older adults after sleep deprivation 

Andreas Gerhardsson, Håkan Fischer, Mats Lekander, Göran Kecklund, John Axelsson, Torbjörn Åkerstedt & Johanna Schwarz

Increased dorsomedial prefrontal cortex activity to negative emotion displays in men but not in women 

Diana S. Cortes, Kristoffer N.T. Månsson, Amirhossein Manzouri, Petri Laukka, Natalie Ebner & Håkan Fischer


Daniel Vanello

Are bodily feelings necessary for emotion? Testing William James’ subtraction argument 

Rodrigo Díaz

Automatic capture of spatial attention by relevant olfactory stimuli 

Sylvain Delplanque

Sensorimotor simulation impacts behavioral response choice: Evidence from the masked emotion misattribution procedure 

Michaela Rohr, Timea Folyi & Dirk Wentura

Leaders’ positivity and use of naturally felt emotions:valuable emotion regulation strategy associated with mental well-being 

Annie Haver & Kristin Akerjordet

Inter-individual differences in achievement motivation modulate Pavlovian aversive learning to goal-relevant stimuli 

Yoann Stussi, Aude Ferrero, Gilles Pourtois & David Sander

Sexual jealousy motivates men’s support for female honor norms 

Pelin Gul & Tom Kupfer

Not to my kin: Anger, disgust and aggression as responses to sibling versus stranger harm 

Karie Moorman, Lukas Lopez, Sara Schneider, Melissa Baker & Colin Holbrook

Body-to-body synchrony: real-life dating experiment 

Eliska Prochazkova, Friederike Behrens, Elio Sjak Shie & Mariska Kret

Fluctuations in affect represent integration of information based on stimulus relevance and prior affect 

Erkin Asutay & Daniel Västfjäll

Data-driven approach reveals universal patterns in colour-emotion associations across 30 nations 

Domicele Jonauskaite, Nele Dael, Ahmad Abu-Akel, Daniel Oberfeld, Jörg Wicker, Lausanne International Colour Survey & Christine Mohr

The Prosocial Effects of Moral Elevation in Childhood 

Shazza Ali, Dominic Abrams & Julie Van de Vyver

Predicting moral judgments using facial muscle activity: United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Hong Kong 

Pete Cannon, Emma Buchtel, Alexander Bidwell & Leo Ng

Emotion regulation repertoire: a multilevel latent profile analysis 

Gloria Grommisch, Peter Koval & Tanja Lischetzke

Emotional-Wellbeing Mediates and Moderates the Impact of Early Adversity on Speed of Biological Aging 

Ronald Simons & Leslie Gordon Simons

Charting the Full Appraisal-Emotion Space with Parallel Process Latent Profile Analysis 

Weiqiang Qian, Craig A. Smith & Leslie D. Kirby

The Effect of Relevance Appraisal on the Emotional Response 

Larisa Olteanu & Assaf Kron

Perceptual similarity and labels impact facial expression categorization in infancy 

Ashley Ruba, Andrew Meltzoff & Betty Repacholi

Shared Environment Effects on Children's Emotion Recognition 

Rotem Schapira, Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Meirav Amichay-Setter, Carolyn Zahn-Waxler & Ariel Knafo-Noam

Time to take enthusiasm seriously! 

Rijn Vogelaar, Wilco van Dijk & Eric van Dijk

Neural and behavioral trajectories of associative learning 

Louisa Kulke, Alex Lepauvre & Annekathrin Schacht

Fast periodic visual stimulation EEG reveals lower neural sensitivity to expressive faces in ASD 

Stephanie Van der Donck, Sofie Vettori, Milena Dzhelyova, Jean Steyaert, Bruno Rossion & Bart Boets

Autonomous Robots as Embodied Models of Affect-Related Mental Disorders 

Matthew Lewis & Lola Canamero

Connecting autonomic physiology to emotion regulation: the perspective of a dynamic approach 

Roman Rutka, Vaida Verhoef, Sonia Pellissier & Pascal Hot


Abdul-Raheem Mohammed, Ekaterina Suchkova & Dmitry Lyusin

Souvenirs and Travel Guides: The Cognitive Sociology of Grieving Public Figures 

Daniel Nolan

Estimation of cortical sources during emotional processing: qEEG study 

Nishi Pegwal, Rajkumar Yadav & Ratna Sharma

Feels Different When S/he Judges It – Gender and Grammar Factors in Emotion Word Evaluations 

Halszka Bak & Jeanette Altarriba

Affective lexical content in EFL textbooks 

María Jesús Sánchez, Alfredo Fernández-Sánchez & Elisa Pérez-García

Prevention-Regulatory-Goals and Interpersonal Emotion Regulation in Romantic Couples: The Moderating Role of High-Activation Positive Affect 

Aspasia Papachiou, Michela Schröder-Abé & Konstantinos Kafetsios

Five trait respect-related emotions differentially predict happiness in Japanese people 

Sera Muto

Finding Resentment: A Qualitative Exploration 

Anki (Ann-christine) Wikman & Roger Giner-Sorolla

Virtual Training in Interaction based on Affective Memory among Elders with Dementia 

Linda Francis, Kathryn Lively, Julie Robillard & Jesse Hoey

the First Map of Collective Emotions of a Country 

Savik Shuster

Anxiety and Neoliberalism: An Affective Infrastructure 

A.T. Kingsmith

Applying EG against Self-evaluated Emotion and Biometric Emotion 

Reiji Yoshida & Midori Sugaya

How cognitive, social, and emotional profiles impact humor appreciation: Sense of humor in Williams syndrome 

Noémie Treichel, Daniel Dukes, Koviljka Barisnikov, Julie Heiz & Andrea C. Samson

Internal and External Causal Attributions in the Subjective Representation of Happiness 

Igor Sotgiu, Davide Marengo, Erika Morandi & Maria Grazia Monaci

Multimodal Analysis of Impressions for a More Engaging Virtual Agent 

Chen Wang, Phil Lopes, Thierry Pun & Guillaume Chanel

Sociology of emotions in Iranian moral literature: Emotion experiences and expressions in Saádi’s Rose Garden 

Afrooz Rafiee

Theoretical Review of Narrative Language-based Interventions and Their Possible Effect on Emotional Intelligence 

Yasaman Ghafaryan Shirazi, kirsi Peltonen, Mohammad Malekzadeh & Hamidreza Ghafaryan Shirazi

A componential emotion approach to moral distress experiences in health carers 

Céline Baele & Johnny Fontaine

Selection of EEG Channels for Valence and Arousal Identification Using LAR 

Yoshito Tobe, Katsuhiro Mori, Koichi Shimoda, Yu Nakayama, Michael Hofenbrock, Till Riedel & Michael Beigl

Phonatory changes during emotion-inducing game events: the effect of coping potential 

Márton Bartók

Valence and arousal ratings of a Chinese speaker’s affective state: universal or not (totally) ? 

Pernelle Lorette

Heroes Against Homophobia: Does Moral Elevation Uniquely Block Homophobia by Inhibiting Disgust? 

Sebastian Eric Bartos, Peter Hegarty & Pascale Sophie Russell

Emoreco, Emocube, Emotions recognition for good relation with others 


The Ideal and Actual Coping Responses of College School Teachers on Job-Related Stress 

Zaralyn Bernardo, Dante Boac & Annabelle Del Rosario

Recollecting experiences of victimhood and emotionally social pain: Effects on time perception 

Theofilos Gkinopoulos, Patrice Rusconi & Paolo Riva

Emotional modulation of item and source episodic memory in school-age children 


How situational cues, ‘autistic-like-traits,’ and Autism Spectrum Disorder affect emotion recognition 

Dale Metcalfe, Karen McKenzie, Rachel Martin, Kristofor McCarty & Thomas Pollet

Ten Emotions - Ten Films 

Anke Zeissig

Emotional reactivity and facial expression at various stages of adulthood; cross-cultural study 

Marta Doroszuk

Fifty Shades of Grey: Postmodern Love as Rebellion or Contemporary Mate Selection? 

Ann Brooks

Can negative emotions modulate the processing of the emotional cues in sequential decision making? 

Mélody Mailliez, Pascal Hot & Thierry Bollon

Understanding Differences between Malaysian Malays with and without Major Depressive Disorder in Subjective Experience 

Sindhu Nair, Firdaus Mukhtar, Laura Jobson, Ruziana Masiran, Hairul Anuar Hashim & Indra Selvarajah

The Role of Emotions in the Stigmatization of Mental Illness 

Bianca Manago

Facebook using behaviour, emotion regulation, and wellbeing among students 

Nutankumar Thingujam & Imlisongla Longkumer

Yes, I Can (Achieve What You Have): Effects of Self-Efficacy on Reactions to Envy 

Soohyun (Ashley) Lee & Yochi Cohen-Charash

Efficiency of emotion regulation based therapy in the care for the management of atopic dermatitis 

Cristina Ciuluvica (Neagu), Paolo Amerio & Mario Fulcheri

Are locomotors or assessors more inclined to experience nostalgia? 

Effrosyni Mitsopoulou, Tim Wildschut, Erich Graf & Matt Garner

Preference and Perception of Interpersonal Distance in Social Anxiety 

Nur Givon-Benjio, Hadas Okon-Singer & Idan Aderka

The role of emotion in organ donation registration: State guilt increases prosocial intentions 

Nicole E. Henniger, Danielle R. Blazek & Mackenzie R. Goodwin

The influence of social context on facial muscle activity in response to food stimuli 

Elizabeth Nath, Peter Robert Cannon & Michael Carl Philipp

What features construct sadness prototype for Japanese? 

Mariko Shirai & Masato Nagamine

The (inter)personal effects of emotional regulation via power approaches during romantic relationships’ conflicts 

María Alonso-Ferres, Inmaculada Valor-Segura & Francisca Expósito

Emotion transfer in difficult interactions with patients and its association with health-care providers’ well-being 

Sonja Weilenmann, Ulrich Schnyder, Brian Parkinson, Nina Keller, Claudio Corda, Roland von Känel & Monique Pfaltz

Effects of Gratitude, Tolerance and Compassion in Health and Emotional Co-regulation in the Couple 

Rozzana Sánchez-Aragón

Do Paris metro passengers give off signs of emotional arousal when interacting with Muslims? 

Martin Aranguren & Francesco Madrisotti

For some people suppression works better! - Personality and the effectiveness of emotion regulation strategies 

Dorota Kobylińska, Marcin Zajenkowski, Karol Lewczuk, Konrad Jankowski & Marta Marchlewska

Effect of mouth opening in emotional faces on subjective experience and the early posterior negativity 

Sandra J.E. Langeslag, Liselotte Gootjes & Jan W. Van Strien

Emotions in service: Service employees' emotion regulation and customers' emotions 

Gil Luria, Adi Luria & Arik Cheshin

A Statistical Approach to Quantifying Physiological Synchrony 

Friederike Behrens, Joyce Snijdewint, Eliska Prochazkova, Robert Moulder, Steve Boker & Mariska Kret

Distinct Types of Aesthetic Chill Responses to Multimedia 

Scott Bannister

Appraisals of faces follow distinct rules of information integration under arousing versus non-arousing conditions 

Martina Kaufmann & Nicola Baumann

Shame-related outcomes are grounded in social relational situations 

Ilker Dalgar, Hans IJzerman & Nebi Sümer

Emotion Manipulation Through Music 

Annaliese Micallef Grimaud

National nostalgia, intragroup and intergroup dynamics 

Anouk Smeekes

Emotion and Practical Agency 

Songyao Ren

The Role of Affect in an Ecological Model of Social Intelligence 

Rami Gabriel

How do people choose to regulate other’s emotions? 

Meghann Matthews, Thomas L. Webb & Gal Sheppes

Infidelity and Revenge: Is Shame a trigger emotion in Women with Dependency to the Partner? 

Ana María Beltrán-Morillas, Inmaculada Valor-Segura & Francisca Expósito

Research on CMC with Bio-emotion Estimate Method 

Chen Feng & Midori Sugaya

Bio-sensing Emotion Estimated Method and Application 

Midori Sugaya

“When in Rome, do as the Romans do” - History of conformism research 

Dijana Sulejmanović

What Poetry Does to the Emotional Brain: A perspective from medieval England 

Sarah McNamer