About ISRE 2019

The 2019 ISRE conference is organised by Agneta Fischer and Disa Sauter at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The interdisciplinary interests of researchers studying emotion, and the international and cross-cultural scope of much of this work calls for a society where researchers from various disciplines and cultures can come together to discuss issues of mutual interest and concern with the emotions as their central focus. To address this need, an association called the International Society for Research on Emotions (ISRE) was founded in 1984 with four principal objectives:

  1. To provide a forum for the exchange of information of interests to its members;
  2. To foster critical discussion of new ideas and findings on emotion;
  3. To encourage collaboration on, or joint exploration of, new research areas;
  4. To organise workshops and training institutes on new techniques and paradigms.

In the past decades, we have convened a rich assortment of exciting meetings in locations around the globe. Recent meetings have taken place in 2013 in Berkeley, California, in 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland and in St Louis, Washington in 2017. ISRE conferences attract not only the best-known names in the field, but also many junior scholars and students. Perhaps the most valuable outcome of these meetings and exchanges - apart from the terrific times enjoyed by the members on each occasion - are the cross-disciplinary friendships and collaborations that connect researchers from different backgrounds.

The presidency and the Executive Committee are elected with the diversity of interests of the society in mind. In addition to conferences, ISRE, together with Sage, publishes Emotion Review, a quarterly journal that publishes a combination of theoretical, conceptual, and review papers — often with commentaries — to enhance debate about critical issues in emotion theory and research. ISRE also publishes the online newsletter Emotion Researcher.

The international scientific committee for the 2019 ISRE conference consists of Sara Algoe, Dave Amodio, Hillel Aviezer, Justin d'Arms, Denny Dukes, Jon Gratch, Eran Halperin, Kathleen Higgins, Mariska Kret, Giselinde Kuipers, Peter Kuppens, Jozefien de Leerznyder, Agnes Moors, Lauri Nummenmaa, Andreas Olsson, Pierre Phillipot, David Sander, and Sabine Roesner.

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